Body Building

How To Shape Arm Muscles Without Having To Gym

Who does not want to have tight and strong arms? Both women and men certainly want their arm muscles to form for fitness and a beautiful appearance. The problem is, not everyone can take the time to go to the gym. Do not worry, there are so many ways you can do to build arm muscles without having to go to the gym.

Get to know your arms
Not everyone has good arm muscles and is formed. To get strong arm muscles, you must do exercises and exercises that focus on those muscles, especially the upper arms.

There are two main muscles in the upper arm, namely the biceps and triceps. If you reach out with your palms facing up, the biceps are the muscles facing upward. You certainly recognize the typical pose of bodybuilders in the mass media, who bend both elbows and then there is a protruding muscle. That is called the biceps muscle.

Biceps is actually a relatively small muscle, but it is most often associated with strength. The biceps works to support the elbow bend, so that it is tight to exercise movements such as pulling weights.

Another muscle in the upper arm is the triceps muscle, which is located at the bottom of the arm when you reach out with your palms facing down. This muscle is a larger group of muscles than the biceps, but is often not noticed when exercising because it is less visible than the biceps.

Especially in women, fat often builds up in the arm area around the triceps muscle. Therefore, in addition to diet, training these muscles is also important for burning fat and shaping it so that the appearance becomes more optimal.

Simple way to form arm muscles
Formerly, building arm muscles is identical to weight training in the gym. But actually you can train your arm muscles anywhere, even at home, with the following ways and steps:

1. Push-ups
You are certainly familiar with this movement. Push-ups make your body weight as a substitute for the weight you normally use in the gym. Push-ups help train and build not only the arm muscles, but also the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Make sure your push-up position is right by placing both hands shoulder width apart (neither narrower nor wider). Keep the back straight to the feet (not menungging) and do the ups and downs together. Do it regularly and your arm muscles will be trained and formed.

There are various variations of push-ups, such as one-handed push-ups alternating right and left, push-ups with a combination of applause, and push-ups with clenched fists. You can combine this combination of push-ups when you are used to doing push-ups and are able to do many sets in 1 training session.

2. Half-moon rotation
This exercise movement is relatively simple and easy to understand, but has a great effect on the arm muscles.

You just stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and spread your arms to the right and left sides, holding your fingers together with your palms facing down. Make the movement rotate the palm of the hand toward the front and back until the palm is facing up. Repeat this movement 30 times in 1 set while still keeping your arms stretched.

Although simple, if you do this movement correctly, the tension will begin to feel in the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Avoid bending the elbows or lowering the arms before 1 set ends.

3. Floor dip
Begin this movement with a sitting position on the floor, bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor, and close your legs. Put your hands behind your back, bend your elbows slightly with your fingers facing toward your feet. Start the movement by lifting the body using the strength of the arm until the elbows are straight, then hold. Return to the starting position without the butt touching the floor. Repeat the movement up to 10 times for 1 set.

This movement will train the triceps muscle which will be useful for reducing the sagging arms. Do at least 3 sets of each training session and increase the portion as your muscle and stamina increases during exercise.

Sports can be done anywhere as long as you have a strong will and high discipline. Shaping the arm muscles is one of the exercises that can be done easily without having to go to the gym, even without the help of tools at home. There are many more types of movements that can help you build arm muscles, in addition to the three that have been described. Do it consistently so that the body becomes fit and muscles are formed.