Body Building

How long does the muscle formation process take?

You surely know that building strong body muscles cannot happen overnight. However, when you have exercised and spent time in the fitness center for weeks but it also does not show results, you will certainly start to feel frustrated and motivation may also decrease. In fact, the process of muscle formation does not happen instantly. How long does it take for the muscle building process?

This is what happens when the process of muscle formation begins

The process of muscle formation begins when you train your muscles to do new exercises, such as weight training using barbells, doing a series of push-ups, or running on a treadmill. These exercises will make muscles stress, making micro “damage” to muscle cells and also muscle fibers. This “damage” to the muscles will then stimulate the body to form proteins, so that the muscle cells become bigger than before.

Depending on the amount of “damage” to this muscle (due to the exercise done), muscle cells will get bigger and stronger from a matter of days to weeks. Therefore, most experts are of the opinion and advise not to constantly do the same muscle training.

In the first weeks you start training or switch to a new type of exercise, your muscles will need adaptation. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you first do a new exercise, such as a push-up, after the exercise you will feel your arms tremble. However, don’t worry because when you do the same exercise continuously, you will get used to it.

Most beginners will feel muscle begin to form and muscle strength increases within 8 weeks after the start of a new exercise or sport. This increase in muscle mass will be more quickly seen in muscles that have less fat mass, such as in the arm area.

Along with increasing exercise time – a matter of weeks, months, or years – of course with the right exercise and eating patterns, your muscle mass will increase and will give you an additional weight of 0.5-1 kg / month. Slightly different from athletes or bodybuilders who can gain weight because of muscle mass up to 2-3 kg. Therefore, it is not surprising that even though athletes or bodybuilders are seen to have a proportional body, their weight is actually greater than that seen.

Some tips to speed up the process of muscle formation

If you are an impatient person, these things can be done to speed up the process of muscle formation.

  • Train each muscle at least 2 times for a week. According to the journal Sports Medicine in 2016, to maximize muscle formation, you do not need to increase or increase the portion of exercise, provided that muscle building exercises are done every 2-3 times a week.
  • Consume enough protein. The protein you eat will be the protein needed for muscle formation and is also important for the process of muscle recovery. Based on the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, to maximize muscle formation, you are advised to consume 25-35 grams of protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sources of protein can be obtained from beans or chicken breasts.
  • Vary the portion of the exercise. Every 4-6 weeks, you need to do a variety of exercises. No need to change the type of exercise, but enough to change the number of variations of exercise reps, duration of training, time to rest, and so on. However, you should avoid exercising in excess of portions 4 times per week so that your muscles have time to recover.

Building muscle is not easy and the process of building muscle itself requires a process that is not instant. The process of muscle formation can also vary depending on the condition or training of each person. The most important thing here is to be consistent with regular monitored exercise and pay attention to the required nutritional intake. So that the formation process is measurable, do not hesitate to consult with trained trainers and nutritionists, yes!